Education Law

Education Law

The Firm advises clients in all aspects of education law, including governance issues; compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations, including the Open Meetings Act, FOIA, FERPA, and all civil rights statutes; contractual matters, including affiliation and articulation agreements; admissions, affirmative action, faculty academic freedom and tenure matters; student rights and affairs issues, including status of student organizations, social networking, and disciplinary matters; athletics, governmental relations, and all other issues involving education law.


The Firm’s expertise in many other areas comes into play when representing educational facilities. This includes our expertise in the areas of labor/employment relations, land use, zoning and variances, public and private real estate, real estate and construction related litigation, real estate and related contracting commercial and business litigation, corporate, employee benefits, immigration, municipal law and finance, and trust and estate planning.

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